Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sydney Tweed Run Route Survey

Don't worry, you haven't missed it! Today was a route survey of the Sydney Tweed Run, and I just had to join in to ensure that I could participate, and that I could faithfully tell my friends that it is a really easy route and it'll be a real fun day out.

The Assembled Survey Team, Sydney Town Hall
The Assembled Survey Team, Sydney Town Hall

Bicycle Insurance
Me, with my insurance policy.

Heading Down George Street
Sussing out the Route, George Street (I think), near Circular Quay

Possible Bottle-Neck Here
Hmm... Possible Bottle-Neck Here

Centennial Park 29-03-2009
Ah... That's Better. Now you can see my Argyle Socks. ULTRA LYCRAM AD ELEGANTIAM

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