Sunday, May 2, 2010

My second Raleigh Twenty

I didn't write it up here, but in later December 2009 (just before Christmas in fact) I acquired a second Raleigh Twenty. A 1977 non-folding model with 451mm wheels.

This is how it was when I acquired it. It had to be sent by courier from Melbourne. I recall that the shipping came to about $25, so it does pay to shop around through different couriers to get the best shipping rates.

Raleigh Twenty at Macquarie University
It is no museum or collector's piece, it is a real working bicycle. Here is it, part of the transport display at Macquarie University earlier this year. It is sporting my Carradice Camper Longflap Saddlebag, which carries just about everything I need for university.

My Saddlebag
Another view of my saddlebag. Carradice quote the capacity for this bag as being 24 Litres, which is about the same as a single touring pannier. It has plenty of carrying capacity for my commuting and utility trips, although I do admit that I am considering fitting a front basket for the sake of convenience.

My non-folding Raleigh Twenty, April 2010
My non-folding Raleigh Twenty, April 2010. I've owned it for about 4 months, and it is largely original except for some new rubber, a longer Kalloy seat-post, a Brooks B67 saddle. I've added a new rear reflector and a mounted a bottle-holder on the handlebars. The only other replacement item has been a new cover plate for the 3-speed trigger shifter.

I ride my Raleigh Twenty the most out of any bicycle. Despite having only 3 gears, it is perhaps the most versatile little bicycle that I have ever owned. The addition of a front basket would make it more useful still, but I am quite content with the service it gives me. Except for new rubber, it has given me no trouble compared to my other bicycles.


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